"“Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”-Thor Heyerdahl - norwegian adventurer


Meet Patrycja

I am a licensed Oslo tour guide. A walking tour around city of the tiger, visit in the world's biggest open air sculpture park made by 1 artist, Gustav Vigeland, admiring the sunset from the roof of Opera House, receiving your very own Nobel Peace Price or zipping down from Holmenkollen Ski Jump are some of the things you can experience in my town, Oslo. I will gladly guide you in English, Norwegian or Polish. I have lived in Norway 10 years ( Tromsø/Oslo) and I know what means "A typical Norwegian"


"One can't buy a ticket to paradise. You have to find it within yourself"- Thor Heyerdahl -a norwegian dreamer

"Norwegians like soccer and handball, climb mountain peaks and sails - while others love the sofa"- King Harald


This is a body of convulsively together, man and woman, he fertilizing here, giving her a life, or planting a seed, a seed of life in her womb - Oh God. I think this God-given idea is so enormous, so eternal, so endlessly wise - that people should not be allowed to depict it in art!-Gustav Vigeland


Walk as local-highlights of Oslo


Oslo by night


Bathing in fjordsauna


Joga session by Oslo fjord


Biking around Oslo


Northern Lights chasing in Tromsø- 

Let me help U organise your Aurora chasing in Tromsø! I did work there before and still have plenty of contacts to best Northern Lights chasers!

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